Specialised Fabricator of Stainless Steel Vessels and Turnkey Process Solutions throughout Africa

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We are equipped with the latest production machinery and strive to produce locally quality built products delivered on time.

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    🔹Our Awesome Automated Tank Welding in Action🔹Welding like a Pro ! 👌🏼

    One Word …“ WOW!” What an Amazing Sight👀This Cooker Vessel is Showing Off its Beauty at its Best – Definitely an Eye Catcher already🤩Excited to see the Final Result. Jealous? Order yours Today!

    Some Welding Action of our Team Welding Bulk Storage Vessels – Watch this Space – Some Exciting Completion Times ahead for Metal Tank Industries.

    Remember the Big Boys? Here’s the New Addition to their Family. Our First Vessel Loaded for 2024. This 100,000lt Stainless Steel Base Oil Storage Vessel will be joining the Big Boys on Site.

    It’s been a Fully Loaded Week at Metal Tank Industries! Today, Big Boy Number 3 has left our premises and will be joining his brothers on Site.

    Some of our Big Boys, waiting to come out of the Factory …

    A Big Moment worth Sharing. One of the Big Boys moved out of our Factory. One Step Closer to Home …

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Turnkey Process Solutions and Specialised Stainless Steel Vessels

Make the Smart Choice - Choose Our Specialized Stainless Steel Vessels!

We supply both locally in South Africa and further afield into the African Continent and surrounding countries
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    🔹Another Delivery on its way🔹These 2 Stainless Steel 15,000lt Holding Vessel and Mixing Vessel will be joining their Family on Site today🤩It’s gonna be a Good Friday😎

    🔹Forecast for Today; Thursday, 4th of April 2024🔹Temperature: Hot with 2 Stainless Steel 15,000lt Mixing Vessels🔹Precipitation: A Good amount of Blessings🔹With a 100% Chance of Success

    🔹Can’t ‘Hold’ in the Excitement to share the Loading of these 2 Stainless Steel 15,000lt Holding Vessels🔹Stay tuned … Lots of Loading coming up😎

    Part 3🤩🔹Joining the Family in Zimbabwe are a Good Looking 20,000lt Shiiinnnyyy Stainless Steel Packing Vessel along with a 20,000lt Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Hot Water Vessel🔹Stay tuned for the 4th and Final Part

    Part 2🤩🔹Another Pair of 20,000lt Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Vessels are on their New Home in Zimbabwe🔹Good News there’s a Part 3❗️

    Africa is Calling❗️🔹It’s been a Full Day of Loading at Metal Tank Industries🔹These 2 20,000lt Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Vessels are off and ready for Africa😎Stay tuned for Part 2

    Metal Tank Industries making it Happen in Africa❗️🔹Our Crew has been working hard on Site, commissioning a New Sorghum Beer Plant🔹

    🔹Our Awesome Automated Tank Welding in Action🔹Welding like a Pro ! 👌🏼

    Fun Fact about Tuesdays❗“According to Colour Symbolism, Tuesday is often linked with the Colour Red. Red is associated with Energy, Power, and Action. Many people feel a Renewed sense of Motivation and Enthusiasm on Tuesdays. It’s often considered a day for ‘getting things done’ and making Progress towards Goals, making it a popular choice for Important Meetings and Deadlines.” ~ FunFacts.Net.🔹Metal Tank Industries are Embracing this Fabulous Tuesday🔹

    “The Difference between something Good and something Great is Attention to Detail”~ Charles R. Swindoll 🔹That’s why here at Metal Tank Industries, every part of Production is Important🔹

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